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ghing da▓y"LHASA, March 15 (Xinhua) -- Nearly 50 km west o▓f Lhasa's city center, hidden in the▓ middle of nowhere in the Lhasa River Valley sur▓ro

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unded by craggy mountains, is the obscure village of Shexing, a former manor of the 14th Dalai Lama'▓s parents and the now home to about 400 Tibetan farm

land in ▓old Tibet.

ers. Sunday is the "spring ploughing day", the 20th day of the T▓ibetan new year and an auspicious date to begin farming according to the Tibetan calen

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dar, calculated on the basis of star movements. All the villagers were dolled up in their best clothing: tr▓aditional costumes, hats or scarves and boo

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ts for the elde▓rly, elegant silk jacket and costum▓es for young women, and colorful down coat▓s with Mickey Mouse or other Disney image▓s for children. Ten-year-old Awangdasan stood out as the "c▓hief seeder" for this year's ceremony. The third▓-grader was born in the Chinese year of the rabbit, with an auspicious birth date that

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implied good harvest, said village official Alodanba through a▓n interpreter. Awangdasan was dressed in a brown costume, with a hand-knitted, green and brown woolen sweater underneath and a scarlet hat on his head. A shy boy wit▓h few words, he quietly held a small buc▓ket of highland barley, and followed two cattle -- both hy▓